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Failed Iranian Space Mission Causes Concern International Security Concerns

An Iranian launch tried to carry a satellite to space come Sunday, the Iranian State TV confirmed that this setback is perhaps the biggest for the Tehran ballistic missile program,

The test took place at Imam Khomeini Spaceport in the Semnan province of Iran, about 230km south-east of Teheran, Iran’s capital city, however, due to low speed, Iranian state television reported that a Simorgh or’ Phoenix ‘ missile could not put the Zafar 1 communication satellite in orbit.

Hosseini had always strived to depict the failure for his spatial program as a ground-breaking achievement; other failures had been encountered before including an instance here Simorgh had launched the 80-ton satellite carrier.

During the time, Iranian officials, namely Minister of Information and Communications, Muhammad Javad Azari Jahromi, were supporting this mission. His rapid rise through the carefully managed political system of the Islamic Republic even speculates that he might be a contender for Iran’s presidential campaign for 2021.

Sometime after the news was announced off on State TV, Jahromi recognized the failure to launch in a tweet trying to compare it with some American launch shortcomings. According to the state Ministry Defence Program spokesman Ahmad Hosseini, the spacecraft’s Stage-1 and Stage-2 engines performed very well, and the shuttle successfully separated from the satellite, however it did not achieve the necessary momentum in its direction to be brought into the orbit, 

The US claims satellite operation is a weapons production disguise. However, Tehran disputes this statement and states that it could not have developed nuclear weapons. The release was organized during festivities on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in February 1979.  During this period the Middle East based state organizes space programs and nuclear ambitions with its armed forces in mind 

The setback during Sunday’s launch was after two aborted tests of the satellites Payam and Doosti that took place during the last year together with a Launchpad rocket explosion in August. Three students were also destroyed by a rare blast at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in February 2019.

The failure of the August spacecraft launch even managed to draw US’s attention President Donald Trump subsequently posted a confidential screenshot of that same rocket launch mishap three consecutive incidents raised the possibility that Iran’s mission was sabotaged by external forces. The United States says those space programs are defying a declaration of the United Nations Security Council demanding that Iran should not take any action in support of nuclear weapons ballistic missiles.

Iran has long claimed it does not pursue nuclear warheads but insists that its satellite launches and missile research are not armed. The country has already sent many satellites into orbit throughout the previous years and even sent a monkey into space in 2013.