Astronauts and aquanauts communicate with each other through a call after deep dive expedition by the aquanauts to the Challenger Deep

Usually, astronauts refer to the control center back on Earth as “space to ground.” However, there is a new term that is catching up with the current team. A recent call by the NASA astronauts to the DSSV Pressure Drop records them referring to their connection as “space to the surface.”

Kathy Sullivan has been able to chat with them, assuring them of the importance of connecting with the astronauts. Kathy is known to have dived to the deepest point on Earth called the Challenger Deep. Victor Vescovo, the Limiting Factor’s pilot, congratulates Kathy, the first woman to go to the deep of the Earth.

Kathy Sullivan visited the bottom of Mariana Trench called the Challenger Deep. She is also the first woman to go out for spacewalking in her early space missions. 

Sullivan describes to the NASA astronauts atop 400 km of the Earth’s surface that the bottom of the Earth appears like a moonscape. She recalls having spent about an hour and a half while enjoying the view of the deep ocean.

The commander of the space station’s Expedition 63 and the former US Navy SEAL Cassidy congratulated Kathy for her great expedition. Cassidy is well-known as the 500th person to navigate into space. 

Cassidy’s crewmates Hurley and Behnken are also outstanding notables after they took off for the ISS via the commercial rocket and spacecraft. These two astronauts have reached the ISS docking with their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.

Vescovo told Hurley and Behnken that the Limiting Factor and the SpaceX spacecraft have similar characteristics: they are both reusable with the Limiting Factor going all the way to the deep for more than once. He congratulates the two astronauts for making it to the ISS.

Behnken and Hurley also congratulate Vescovo revealing their happiness as the first astronauts to test the working of SpaceX’s spacecraft. They admire Vescovo since he has been able to reuse his vessel more than once. Doug and Bob are hopeful that they can also be able to reuse the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. The Limiting Factor has been to four voyages to the Challenger Deep before they had a space-to-sea call with Bob and Doug.

Sullivan reports in a post that the number of people to walk on the moon and that of people who went to the deep ocean is now equivalent to 12 after over 50 years.

In conclusion, the mission by Sullivan and Vescovo is one among those intended to circle out the US Exclusive Economic Zone by the demand of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It has been essential for the territorial observation of the land and waters that the US can explore.