More space innovation as TV stations take into space

Throughout prehistoric times, space has stimulated the interest of humanity and currently is no exception. Well-known billionaires are most often fascinated with studying the sky above. It’s as though they are expressions of the mutual urge to serve, a profound curiosity to reach the bounds of the awareness, and learn more of something else. Such fascination with space technology has contributed to creativity and technical expertise, and also to impressive advancements and the development of new technology and goods. Solar panels were the guiding factor underlying InSight, NASA’s probe, which arrived on Mars’ floor on 28 November, deployed six months earlier.

Some of such technologies remain in space systems, while some shift into regular use with implications that contribute to profound improvements in the way they function on Earth. The popularisation of solar cells and digital imaging is primarily responsible for technological advancements. Also, there are impressive and altering the social impacts of most of the stated technologies.

Currently, the entertainment industry- the TV industry- has leaped into space technology. A British firm dubbed Sen Plans to deliver Earth visuals to the general public at the ultra-high definition (UHD). The company signed an agreement with California Momentus to obtain its newest “EarthTV” spacecraft throughout 2021. The tiny payload will be mounted on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket by Momentus’s Vigoride Space Tug. The rocket will also carry the EarthTV probe to its ultimate stop from its drop-down orbit, a sun-synchrony route over the realm of the Earth.

The agreement is probably not a one-off agreement since the deal offers the alternative of hosting four additional satellites on the Falcon 9 and Vigoride at the end of 2022 within a single launch. Sen Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Charles Black, wrote in a recent report: “the Earth TV spectrum of nanosatellites will live stream video content from earth orbit into mobile phones for everybody to experience Earth’s different insights from the world.” 

“Our Space clips would be insightful, entertaining, and potentially encouraging social progress and a sense of optimism that humankind will create a greater life on and off the planet as a cross-world society,” said Black through email to “We will be broadcasting live videos documenting vital news reports regarding the earth and humanity and encouraging citizens to access and discover the globe, track society, and significant environmental shifts – with the entire universe in your pocket!” he added.

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