SpaceX and Space Force Contract

SpaceX is allowing the Space Force to monitor their space launches in a contract exceeding $8 million. The deal is a move by the Space Force to have an up-close view of the space without invoking national security measures.  

The contract allows SpaceX launch vehicles into space, confirming they are going for non-NSS missions. These missions are those that are not under constraint by the national space fleet surveillance. The money is an addition to what the government has been giving the company for other national security missions. These are simply government efforts to ensure it remains atop in space leadership.

 The US Space Force spokesman reiterates that the contract enables them to monitor the company‚Äôs fleet as it ventures into space. This note is in addition to them observing the engineering skills that the company uses. The Space Force is hopeful that by doing this, it can be able to enlighten other space companies by benchmarking their operations. It will enable them to rectify their errors and establish the US as the leading nation in space exploration.

The spokesman further retorts that the existing contract for security launches is not enough. It is because it has limits to access SpaceX operations and space launch activities. He says that this contract only allows them to monitor and analyze data of the space launch. Therefore the new contract fills the gaps of restrictions resulting from the previous agreement. 

The spokesman states that the previous contracts with SpaceX are yet to materialize. This reason for this is that many of the launches are still under technical surveillance. The new deal, therefore, is another way of the Space Force team to monitor the remaining operational launches of SpaceX. The fleet surveillance is also a determinant in the procurement of the next phase of the contract. This move ensures no unethical activities take place in the implementation of the agreement.  

The contract is also essential as it gives access to SpaceX operations. It is crucial, especially now that SpaceX has plans to launch an internet constellation of rockets in space. It also allows for monitoring of the launch of NASA crew modules with astronauts. These modules are heading to the International Space Station. The only company with the capacity to monitor such missions effectively is SpaceX.

In conclusion, the contract gives Space Force assurance that the launches will be a success. SpaceX is under the limelight and is, therefore, likely to perform to its best. The company must maintain its reputation by quickening the process so that it can also attract investors.

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