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How NASA control Mars Rovers from Home

Imagine how you will control Mars Rovers inside your living room. The control is what the team is Spearheading the NASA  Curiosity rovers, is currently engaging in it.

Various people around the world are working from home at the moment, which includes most of the NASA Astronauts and other workers. The space agency earlier orders all the workers to work from home through Jim Bredestine except for the essential people in the organization who are part of the mission.  The above information means that the Engineers and scientists in charge of the   Curiosity control are at the moment working from their houses living room with the kitchen tables consulting their dogs and cats, which are always need a treat and attention. Working from home has various other distractions, with many challenges that are remotely there.

The whole team in charge of the Curiosity has been working remotely from March 20th since the mission history for the first time. The change is the most destructive shift for the team members who have no option but to work in the new environment and not in the same room as the standard way in the NASA jet propulsion laboratory. The laboratory is in charge of all missions in Pasadena, California. On the other hand, the team has adapted the new working environment and has already sent the first command to the Mars rovers.

The team quickly adopted the new working place with a unique situation. Two days after the massive shift on March 22nd, they had several tests and with one practice that ran under the belt. The commands that the team sent to rovers in the mars were successful and drilled a sample of the rock at Edinburg, which is the location on the red planet.

In the statement issued by NASA, on how they work by Alicia Alibaugh, who is the team leader of the rovers integrated execution and planning team said that even at home, they are in the same room because they are using screens to share some data and images. She added that5 most of the workers are in the small groups at their homes who are continually monitoring more than 15 channels currently, which is more than what they usually do. 

However, some plans are coming to the team that will be able to increase the work rate. In case all the team has to go remotely, they have put into consideration the equipment they will put in place.