Australia might have support on their grid by the end of 2020

Australians are about to have a runabout on the way they use, transport, and store energy by the end of this year. Powered by JET charge, Australians will be in a position to transport, store, and even sell back energy into the grid through a simple plug and play system. As per their CEO Tim Washington, Australians will have the opportunity to not only buy energy but also store it, move around with it and distribute back into the grid. 

It is about to work through a system that completely changes the way people view the use and distribution of energy. Vehicle to home technology will be a solution that will see the transformation of energy usage all over Australia. It will enable flexibility while evenly distributing the energy present in even better ways. Australians will have the chance to soak up the excess energy from sources such as solar and then bring it back into the grid for use by other means when there is a shortage.

In the future, there will have been an achievement of even distribution of energy while offering flexibility. Consumers will have achieved a balance in the distribution and use of energy, even without their conscious involvement. The system targets of creating an unconscious flow and use f energy that will conserve and even increase the amount of energy that Australians have. The leading vehicle fr this program is Nissan leaf ZE1, even though it has not finished testing. 

Come 2025, chances of even better systems having been made are higher as Australia tries to conserve energy while still embracing the use of these vehicles. A balance between use and production will have been achieved with better technologies being hopped to have been achieved. Tests are being done by JET on their V2G charging units that it intends to have approved for homes once they gain certification. Market tries for V2G units will be taking place later this year.

In the future, the company intends to see customers driving home after charging at the office and then using the energy to power their homes. Having saved such an amount and using it at home, it will have reduced the amount of energy required countrywide by a significant volume. The EV will have acted as storage units and sources of power for homes that conserve energy. Despite increasing the number of electric vehicles on the roads, energy consumptions will still be low.  

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