May 27, 2020

Egypt boards the ship to Electric Vehicle

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Public Business Commissioner Hisham Tawfik of Egypt retorted Tuesday this year that the State is to register electric vehicle contracts in Egypt. At a briefing in the Senate with the Industrial Commission, Tawfik remarked that Egyptian and Chinese authorities had agreed on several occasions to explore collaboration in electric car manufacturing, stating that a report on planned charging points before the start of modern vehicles in Egypt.

Tawfiq stated that electric car charging points were accessible in different fields and added that a suggestion-kit to produce electric cars, part of the minister’s review of other nations ‘ encounters of electric car manufacturing, China as their primary factor. He claimed that the opportunities offered were to introduce a comparable system for the black cab replacement initiative of 2006 with a yearly objective of 3% or 11,000 vehicles.

Last year Tawfik held detailed discussions on negotiations to start electric vehicle production in Nasr, Egypt’s government-owned automotive company, with the representative of the Chinese Dongle engine firm.

In the Memorandum of Understanding set for signature in January, all parties have achieved a consensus about the most relevant elements to include. According to several December studies from Daily News Egypt, a preparatory feasibility study was performed at Nasr by the Subsidiary for Steel-making Industries based on the information provided by the Chinese on the manufacturing of electric cars. The laid proposal rekindles Nasr’s manufacturing chains, which, according to Tawfik, were expelled since 2009, and will reach approximately 25,000 electric vehicles within several years.

The first combined facility for coal, fluid fuel, and electric vehicle fueling was elected on Sunday by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources Tarek al-Molla, the Commissioner for Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy, the Governor of Port Said, Adel al-Ghadban, and the representatives from Italian firm Eni.

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