GM maintains the electric vehicle program

During the conference call, the vice president of General Motors was in charge of the autonomous and program of the electric vehicle, providing an update concerning the new electric vehicle development efforts. The general motors do not have much information to share with the public since they made the propulsion system and Ultrium battery in March. The public has noticed the delay of the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer. Morris convinced the other people that they work in different sectors is ongoing at high speed.

Morris added that they still want to have many EVs on the road shortly. In the mid of this decade, they have hopes they will sell millions of Electric vehicles yearly in the two largest markets in the world of North America and China in a joint venture.

The latest models for the new ventures are Cruise Origin robotaxi, Lyriq, and Hummer, which production will start in the second half of 2021 and early 2022.  Morris referred to how fast GM supported the manufacturing of the Ventilators and most of the protective equipment during this period of coronavirus pandemic. That has proved the company’s ability to produce the best products in the future. Compared to other multinational companies, the employees of GM have a custom of working remotely, even when things are normal. The GM Company has a norm of having a conference call daily in the morning and the evening to ensure it keeps in touch with all employees and suppliers in Asia, Europe, and America.

The company workers have reduced commuting time since they started working from home and movement within the meeting from one location to the other. The emphasis of Morris was on the limitation of the coronavirus pandemic that has made people not being able to access documents in the office. Still, the company tries to achieve most of its duties from home. Most of the companies are also working in addition to the Hummer Lyrid and cruise origin; they have plans to launch EVs before the planned time and are moving ahead.

The Gm will take long to maintain its position and pace of production. The programs are at the stage that engineers and designers have put more effort into integrating the prototypes for the applications that launching might occur in late 2021. Now it is building up healthy ways before the actual year of production. 

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